Dear Authors!

Please be informed that payment has been introduced for the publication of papers in the Nuclear and Radiation Safety Journal. The payment shall be made for services related to the preparation of papers for publication based on the Offer Agreement.

The Publisher determines the cost of each individual service. The cost of an Order is determined by adding the cost of all services selected by the Client.

The services for editorial preparation for publication are divided into mandatory and optional ones. The Client chooses the scope of additional services.

Mandatory services:

  • editing of text;
  • preparatory process,
  • paper layout;
  • proofreading;
  • final revision of paper layout.

Optional services:

  • translation of text;
  • formatting of references in Ukrainian;
  • formatting of references in English;
  • editing of illustrations.

The cost of services is approved by the Publisher according to the Specification. After the editorial board approves the decision to publish a paper, the Client shall send an application for ordering services to the editorial board, based on which the Publisher will draw up an invoice.

The publication will remain free for SSTC NRS employees and members of the editorial board. For their co-authors, it will cost 548.1 UAH per paper.

For other authors from Ukraine and foreign authors, the cost of publishing a paper is 156.6 UAH for one conventional page of the author's original (1800 characters, Arial font, size 14, line spacing 1.5).

Additional amounts payable:

Translation of one page

93.06 UAH

Formatting of references in Ukrainian: one reference

4.52 UAH

Formatting of references in English: one reference

5.46 UAH

Editing of illustrations

135.52 UAH

The cost of mandatory services has been determined according to the Specification.


Total cost of one conventional page, UAH


in particular:

editing of text


preparatory process


paper layout




final revision of paper layout