No 1(85) (2020): Nuclear and Radiation Safety
Nuclear and Radiation Safety

Title: Scientific and Technical Journal "Nuclear and Radiation Safety"

ISSN (print) 2073-6231

Indexing: SCOPUS from Vol. 53, No 1 (2012)

Frequency: quarterly (March, June, September, December)

Languages: English, Ukrainian (mixed languages)


V. Bogorad, O. Slepchenko, I. Kalyta, T. Lytvynska, S. Chupryna, D. Bielykh
Approaches to the Establishment and Justification of the Size of Emergency Planning Areas around NPPs
O. Shugailo, Yu. Grebenyuk, O. Zelenyі, D. Ryzhov, Ol-r Shugaylo, D. Brik, Yа. Cherniak
Experience Obtained and Lessons Learnt from the Transition of Ukrainian NPPs to Long-Term Operation
O. Kotsuba, Yu. Vorobyov, O. Zhabin, D. Gumenyuk
Comparative Analysis of Severe Accident at WWER-1000 NPP with MELCOR 1.8.5 and 2.1 Code Versions
I. Iarmosh, S. Kondratiev, L. Kuechler, O. Tokarevskyi, O. Solovyov
Approaches to characterization of radioactive waste in Ukraine at interrelated steps of their management
V. Goldrin, I. Chervonenko, V. Zbinskiy, R. Brodich, O. Slonevskiy
Participation of Ukrainian NPPs in Regulating Frequency and Power in the United Energy System: Problem Analysis and Solutions
O-r Shugaylo, D. Ryzhov, O. Sakhno, Ye. Pavliv, L. Khamrovska
Regarding Requirements to Load Combinations in Case of Evaluation of SSC Seismic Resistance by Indirect Methods
T. Dudar, A. Iakymenko, O. Titarenko, M. Svideniuk
About Total Alpha Activity of Underground Water Sources
L. Ilyin, O. Hromyk, O. Ilyina, M. Zinchuk
Radioecological Analysis of the Contamination Area in the Volyn Region of Ukraine