No 4(84) (2019): Nuclear and Radiation Safety
Nuclear and Radiation Safety

Title: Scientific and Technical Journal "Nuclear and Radiation Safety"

ISSN (print) 2073-6231

Indexing: SCOPUS from Vol. 53, No 1 (2012)

Frequency: quarterly (March, June, September, December)

Languages: English, Ukrainian, Russian (mixed languages)


O-r. Shugaylo, D. Ryzhov, M. Mustafin, T. Pidhaietskyi, N. Letkova
Some Aspects of Practical Application of Regulatory Requirements Related to Operating and Seismic Load Combinations for Thermomechanical Equipment and Piping
V. Vasylchenko, А. Koliadiuk, V. Posokh, V. Dubkovsky
Determination of Stiffness Characteristics for WWER-1000 Support Components
O. Kukhotskyi, I. Bilodid, A. Shepitchak, S. Nemtsova
Licensing of the Neutron Source in Ukraine: Challenges and Solutions
V. Borysenko, D. Budyk, V. Goranchuk
Determination of VVER-1000 Thermal Power Based on Background Signals of Self-Powered Neutron Detectors
S. Yanovskiy, O. Zhabin, V. Pustovit
Validation of WWER-440/213 Thermohydraulic Model for TRACE Computer Code Based on RNPP-1 Incident Data
Hend M. Saad, Riham Refeat, Moustafa Aziz, H. Mansour
Effect of Axial Distribution of Gadolinium Burnable Poison in Advanced Pressurized Water Reactor Assembly
T. Bilan, I. Rezvik, O. Sakhno, O. But, S. Bogdanov
Main Approaches to Cable Aging Management at Nuclear Power Plants in Ukraine
A. Berthold, L. Küchler, I. Kutina, V. Sklyarenko, Ye. Veselov, L. Kutina, S. Kondratiev, D. Bielykh
Approaches to The Establishment Of Safety Conditions For The Fuel-Containing Materials During New Safe Confinement Operation
A. Symonov, O. Klevtsov, S. Trubchaninov, O. Lazurenko
Computer Security of NPP Instrumentation and Control Systems: Computer Security Justification Documents
Ya. Kostiushko, O. Dudka, Yu. Kovbasenko, A. Shepitchak
Approaches to Safety Justification for Loading of VSC-VVER Containers in ZNPP DSFSF
O. Popov, A. Iatsyshyn, V. Kovach, V. Artemchuk, D. Taraduda, V. Sobyna, D. Sokolov, M. Dement, V. Hurkovskyi, K. Nikolaiev, T. Yatsyshyn, D. Dimitriieva
Physical Features of Pollutants Spread in the Air During the Emergency at NPPs