Nuclear and Radiation Safety

Current Issue

No 1(81) (2019)
Published March 12, 2019
Nuclear and Radiation Safety

Title: Scientific and Technical Journal "Nuclear and Radiation Safety"

ISSN (print) 2073-6231

Indexing: SCOPUS from Vol. 53, No 1 (2012)

Frequency: quarterly (March, June, September, December)

Languages: English, Ukrainian, Russian (mixed languages)


О. Dybach, H. Plachkov
On Licensing the Technology of Small Modular Reactors
D. Gumenyuk, V. Demianiuk, A. Ilina, I. Shevchenko
Perspectives of Optimization of Technical Services and Maintenances Using Risk-Informed Decision-Making at NPPs in Ukraine
Yu. Nemchynov, A. Bambura, I. Sazonova, K. Babik, V. Shcherbin, V. Rudko
Assessment of the Shelter Structures to Be Dismantled after NSC Installation. Comparative Analysis of Dismantling Options
M. Semerak, S. Lys, T. Kovalenko
Analysis of the Plasma Recycling Process of Radioactive Waste
V. Moiseenko, S. Chernitskiy
Nuclear Fuel Cycle with Minimized Waste
D. Bugai, J. Gebauer, A. Sizov, N. Molitor
Practical Approach for Assessment of End-State Radiological Criteria for Remediation of Radioactively Contaminated Sites
V. Skalozubov, I. Kozlov, O. Chulkin, Yu. Komarov, O. Piontkovskyi
Analysis of Reliability-Critical Hydraulic Impact Conditions at WWER-1000 NPP Active Safety Systems
I. Ovdiienko, O. Kuchyn, M. Ieremenko, P. Vlasenko
Adaptation of HELIOS Models for WWER-440 Fuel Assemblies to Application by the TRACE/PARCS Program
T. Maltseva, А. Shyshuta, S. Lukashyn
Modern Methods of Radiochemical Reprocessing of Spent Nuclear Fuel
V.A. Khalimonchuk
Mid-Weighed Kinetic Parameters for Use in the Two-Group Diffusion Model of Reactor Dynamics with Fuel Based on a Mixture of Fission Isotopes
H. Ghanem, V. Gerlyga, V. Kravchenko, V. Makedon, A. Shulga
Purification of Liquid Radioactive Waste from Surfactants and Organic Compounds
V. Svidersky, V. Glukhovsky, I. Glukhovsky, T. Dashkova
Liquid Radioactive Solidification Technologies
O. Popov, A. Іatsyshyn, V. Kovach, V. Artemchuk, D. Taraduda, V. Sobyna, D. Sokolov, M. Dement, T. Yatsyshyn, I. Matvieieva
Analysis of Possible Causes of NPP Emergencies to Minimize Risk of Their Occurrence
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