The Journal's History

Scientific and technical journal “Nuclear and radiation safety”, edited by the State Enterprise “State Scientific and Technical Center for Nuclear and Radiation Safety”, is a mainstream specialized periodic publication in the field of nuclear energy use and nuclear safety.

The journal was founded in 1998 (Print media State Registration Certificate, Series КВ №3146), it is quarterly published and spread among leading national scientific and industrial enterprises and also in the international sciences society.

Currently, the journal takes one of the leading positions among the professional periodicals of Ukraine in the field of technical sciences and continues to be one of few specialized journals in Ukraine that highlights nuclear and radiation safety issues.

In the course of two decades, the periodical has published over 700 scientific publications with analytical reviews and results of research in the field of nuclear and radiation safety of nuclear power plants, as well as of other facilities that use nuclear technologies.

Since its foundation, the journal distributes scientific and technical information on nuclear and radiation safety, reactor core physics, thermohydraulic processes, probabilistic and deterministic safety analyzes, radiation protection, material science and structural reliability of equipment, reliability of control and management systems, management of nuclear materials, radioactive waste and ionizing radiation sources. Particular attention is paid to scientific publications on the lifetime extension of operating NPP power units, improvement of their safety level, construction and commissioning of new NPP power units, Shelter Object transformation into an environmentally safe system.

First of all, the journal focuses on the development and use of the up-to-date methods of safety analysis, development of a regulatory framework for nuclear and radiation safety, solution of urgent scientific and technical tasks and implementation of scientifically substantiated measures to ensure safety at all life stages of nuclear facilities, radwaste management facilities and other ionizing radiation sources.

The Journal Editorial Board includes nuclear industry competent experts.

The Journal is included to the databases SCOPUS and INIS (The International Nuclear Information System) for full positioning among professional editions and exchange of best practices and research results. It is achieved by publishing English versions of the abstracts to all scientific articles, by creating Journal page on the official website of Journal Editorial Board, including in English.

Copies of the Journal after their publication are sent to the stocks of Ukrainian libraries, and electronic copies are posted for free on the website of Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in section “Scientific Periodicals of Ukraine”.