Copyright and Licensing

Licensing conditions:  authors hold on a copyright, as well as authorize the journal with the right to publish original scientific papers containing the results of experimental and theoretical research that are not under consideration for publication by other publishers. If the paper is accepted for publication in Nuclear and Radiation Safety journal, the author must sign an Agreement on copyright delegation. The agreement (original) is sent to the postal or electronic address (a scanned copy) of the Editorial Board.

With this agreement the author testifies that submitted material:

  • does not infringe the copyright of other individuals or organizations;
  • was not published earlier by other publishers and was not submitted for publication to other publishers.

The author delegates the Editorial Board of Nuclear and Radiation Safety journal the right to:

  • publish the paper in Ukrainian (English) language and disseminate its printed version.
  • translate the paper into English (for the papers in Ukrainian) and disseminate the translation printed version.
  • disseminate the electronic versions of the paper and also the electronic version of paper English translation (for the papers in Ukrainian) with the help of any electronic means (posting on the official web-site of the journal, electronic databases, repositories, etc.).

Author holds on the right, without agreement with the editorial board and promoters, to:

  1. use the paper data, in whole or in part, for educational purpose.
  2. use the paper data, in whole or in part, for writing his/her own thesis work.
  3. use the paper data for preparation of proceedings, conference reports and verbal presentations.
  4. post the paper electronic copies (including final electronic version loaded from the official web-site of the journal) on:
  • personal web-resources of all authors (web-sites, web-pages, blogs, etc.);
  • web-resources of institutions where the authors work (including the electronic institutional repositories).

In all cases, the availability of bibliographic reference to the paper or hyperlink to its electronic copy on the official website of the journal is obligatory.

When submitting the paper, the authors sign the Agreement on delegation of exclusive proprietary copyright for the Work Piece (Paper) and the Work Piece (Paper) Acceptance Certificate.