Mathematical Models for Investigation of WWER-1000/320 Transients


nuclear reactor, mathematical model, parameter values, reactivity effects, reactor control

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Nikulina, E., Severin, V., & Lukinova, D. (2018). Mathematical Models for Investigation of WWER-1000/320 Transients. Nuclear and Radiation Safety, (1(77), 18-23.


The paper presents mathematical models of the reactor WWER-1000/320, which are designed to investigate non-stationary operating modes of the reactor. The models in relative state variables include a point model of neutron kinetics with six groups of delayed neutrons and models of thermal processes, gradual heat generation, change in xenon concentration. The effects of reactivity on the movement of control rods and changes in reactor power, the effects of reactivity on changes in fuel and coolant temperatures, effect of change in the concentration of xenon are taken into account. The values of the constant parameters of the models are given for the start of stationary fuel loading.


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