Analysis of Terminology Used to Categorize Power Uprates of Nuclear Power Plants


nuclear power plant, power uprate, safety margins, safety upgrades

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Malynovska, Y., Yesypenko, Y., Vlasenko, K., Kovalchuk, V., Bodrova, I., & Ved, O. (2017). Analysis of Terminology Used to Categorize Power Uprates of Nuclear Power Plants. Nuclear and Radiation Safety, (4(76), 70-73.


Terms used for categorization of power uprates of nuclear power plants (NPPs) are analyzed in the paper. The power uprate program adopted in Ukraine is briefly described to emphasize importance of this area and need to use the appropriate terms. The categories of power uprates adopted by the U.S. NRC and applied by the IAEA are described. They include measurement uncertainty recapture, stretch, and extended power uprates. Translation of these terms into the Ukrainian language based on the analysis is proposed.


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