Ukraine Nuclear Fuel Qualification Project (UNFQP)


fuel for VVER-1000, diversification, fuel assemblies, licensing, operation

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Abdullaiev, A., Bozhko, S., Krasnorutskyi, V., Latorre, R., Tatarinov, V., Shumkova, N., & Shepitchak, A. (2017). Ukraine Nuclear Fuel Qualification Project (UNFQP). Nuclear and Radiation Safety, (4(76), 3-10.


The paper considers the development stages and results of a set of organizational, scientific and technical decisions on the implementation of a new nuclear fuel from an alternative supplier, Westinghouse Company, to Ukrainian NPPs with VVER-1000 type reactors. Testing of six trial fuel assemblies of the Westinghouse Company (FA-W) during SUNPP Unit 3 Cycles 17 – 20 (2005 – 2010) and 42 FA-W of the reload batch during Cycles 21-24 (2011-2014) confirmed compliance with design parameters, integrity and reliability of a new fuel during a four-year operation cycle.


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