Shelter – from Sarcophagus to New Safe Confinement


accident, safety objective, confining structure, new safe confinement

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Domnikov, V., Dybach, O., Kilochytska, T., Kondratiev, S., Kutina, I., Kutina, L., Nosovsky, A., Rybalka, N., Skliarenko, V., & Sushko, T. (2016). Shelter – from Sarcophagus to New Safe Confinement. Nuclear and Radiation Safety, (1(69), 39-43.


In the frameworks of the international Action Plan for the Chornobyl Shelter, the experts analyzed experience in safety regulation of the efforts on overcoming consequences of the accident that occurred 30 years ago at ChNPP-4 and presented achievements under this Plan.


1. Report on the Policy for Regulation of Nuclear and Radiation Safety of Chornobyl Shelter (NP 306.1.2/1.007–98) [Zaiava pro polityku rehuliuvannia yadernoi ta radiatsiinoi bezpeky obiekta “Ukryttia” VP Chornobylska AES (NP 306.1.2/1.007–98)], Approved by the Order of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Nuclear Safety of Ukraine No. 49 dated 08 April 1998. (Ukr)

2. Fundamental Safety Principles within the Action Plan for the Shelter (NP 306.1.102–2004) [Fundametalni pryntsypy bezpeky diialnosti v ramkakh Planu zdiisnennia zakhodiv na obiekti “Ukryttia” (NP 306.1.102–2004)], available at: (Ukr)

3. Guideline on the Application of the Safety Principles in Regulatory Activity under the Action Plan for the Shelter (RD 306.1.128–2006) [Kerivnytstvo shchodo zastosuvannia zasad bezpeky pid chas zdiisnennia rehuliuiuchoi diialnosti v ramkakh planu zdiisnennia zakhodiv na obiekti “Ukryttia” (RD 306.1.128–2006)], Approved by the SNRIU Order No. 151 dated 25 September 2006.(Ukr)

4. Conditions and Procedure for Issuing Separate Written Permits for Activities or Operations on Transformation of the Shelter into Ecologically Safe System (NP 306.4.160–2010) [Umovy ta poriadok vydachi okremykh pysmovykh dozvoliv na vydy roboty chy operatsii shchodo peretvorennia obiekta “Ukryttia” na ekolohichno bezpechnu system (NP 306.4.160–2010)], Approved by the SNRIU Order No. 117 dated 08 September 2010 and Registered in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine under No. 869/18164 dated 29 September 2010, available at: (Ukr)