Shelter Implementation Plan at the Stage of Radiation Risks Elimination for Public


Chornobyl nuclear power plant accident, Shelter, Shelter Implementation Plan (SIP), risks

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Berthold, A., Kilina, O., Kondratiev, S., Kuechler, L., Kutina, L., Petrenko, O., Smyshlyaeva, S., & Veselov, Y. (2017). Shelter Implementation Plan at the Stage of Radiation Risks Elimination for Public. Nuclear and Radiation Safety, (2(74), 29-33.


Efficiency of the SIP projects, which already have been implemented at the Shelter, are analyzed in this paper in the context of the staged elimination of radiation risks for public. It starts with the analysis of the Shelter state in 1998 before SIP implementation compared with the state after implementation of stabilization and other measures and finally with the state which is reached after construction of the New Safe Confinement (NSC). A probabilistic approach has been used for the analysis. Measures to be implemented in the future are mentioned in conclusions.


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