Cooperation between SSTC NRS and the EU in the Area of Nuclear Safety


nuclear safety, assistance program, nuclear regulator

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Pauwels, H., Daures, P., Stockmann, Y., & Végh, J. (2017). Cooperation between SSTC NRS and the EU in the Area of Nuclear Safety. Nuclear and Radiation Safety, (2(74), 3-8.


The paper first briefly outlines the main characteristics of the EU assistance programs aimed to enhance nuclear safety in the Beneficiary countries. Then EU assistance provided to the Ukrainian regulator (SNRIU) is detailed, with specific emphasis on projects enhancing the capabilities of SSTC NRS as technical support organisation (TSO) to SNRIU, including training and tutoring (T&T) activities. The changing role of SSTC NRS in the cooperation activities is described as well. The broad range of cooperation is then illustrated by some selected projects focusing on various technical areas (e.g. severe accident management and mitigation, radioactive waste and spent fuel management, NPP service time extension, plant performance monitoring and operating experience feedback).

Finally, the paper briefly discusses the future perspectives of the nuclear safety cooperation between the EU and Ukraine.


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