Gamma-Spectrometric Determination of the Content and the Mass of Uranium Isotopes in Samples of Unknown Composition and Products of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle


uranium bearing material, in situ gamma-spectrometry, mass of uranium isotopes, uranium content in the matrix, absolute detection efficiency

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Kutnii, D., & Vanzha, S. (2016). Gamma-Spectrometric Determination of the Content and the Mass of Uranium Isotopes in Samples of Unknown Composition and Products of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle. Nuclear and Radiation Safety, (4(72), 52-56.


The results of the uranium isotopes masses and content determination in depleted and low enriched uranium bearing samples using gamma-spectrometric data and iterative method were presented in the paper. Powders of UO2 and U3O8, compact products on their basis, metal uranium and scrap with an enrichment by the isotope 235U from 0,3 to 19,9 % were used as test samples. The sample mass ranged from tens of grams to several kilograms. Gamma-spectrometric data were processed using commercial software packages by Canberra Company: Genie 2000, MGAU, ISOCS and GeometryComposer. The proposed method provides a satisfactory correlation between the experimental and calculated data and allows estimating the quantitative characteristics (enrichment, mass of isotopes, uranium content in the matrix) of uranium bearing samples with different physical shape and chemical composition.


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