Experience of Implementation of Safety and Normal Operation Control Systems at NPP Units


I&C of ESFAS, I&C of NOCS, instrumentation and control systems for NPP

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Yelisieiev, V., Pyvovarov, G., & Herasymenko, K. (2016). Experience of Implementation of Safety and Normal Operation Control Systems at NPP Units. Nuclear and Radiation Safety, (3(71), 65-70. https://doi.org/10.32918/nrs.2016.3(71).12


The paper deals with instrumentation and control (I&C) of safety control systems (ESFAS) and normal operation control systems (NOCS) for NPP units. The research contains: general information on I&C of ESFAS and I&C of NOCS; description of design solutions for ESFAS, NOCS and principles of their implementation in I&C versions, description of basic components for design of I&C of ESFAS and I&C of NOCS. Distinctive features of ESFAS and NOCS I&Cs are the following: possibility to design systems with different number of channels in accordance with the design requirements; higher reliability due to redundant structures, including redundancy of analog-digital units and control drive units; minimization of cabling due to optical interface of data transmission using digital devices for remote control, indication and alarm in MCR (ECR); possibility of single redundant channel maintenance of I&Cs without losing operability; continuous monitoring of equipment of I&Cs, including diagnosing of input discrete signal channels and detection of hidden faults “on demand”.



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