Overview of General Aspects in Using Different Types of Fuel Assemblies in VVER-1000 Mixed Fuel Loadings


mixed fuel loading, nuclear fuel, fuel assembly, operating experience, thermohydraulic analysis, neutronic analysis, mechanical and strength analysis

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Krytskyi, V., Mukha, V., Nosovsky, A., Pidhaietskyi, T., & Pohonets, O. (2016). Overview of General Aspects in Using Different Types of Fuel Assemblies in VVER-1000 Mixed Fuel Loadings. Nuclear and Radiation Safety, (3(71), 28-32. https://doi.org/10.32918/nrs.2016.3(71).06


The paper presents the analysis of experience in using mixed fuel loadings at Ukrainian NPPs (those envisaging simultaneous use of fuel assemblies different in design and/or fuel structure in the core). The stated analysis was performed under implementation of the first stage of research program that envisages in-depth consideration of comprehensive safety analysis of mixed loadings in thermohydraulic, neutronic, mechanical and strength aspects of nuclear fuel operation. The paper formulates the tasks that will ensure reaching of the objective of the stated research program.



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