Problems in Validation of the Chornobyl Accident Initiating Event


Chornobyl accident, initiating event, thermal problems

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Sharaievskii, G. (2016). Problems in Validation of the Chornobyl Accident Initiating Event. Nuclear and Radiation Safety, (1(69), 20-27.


The paper presents validation of known calculation dependencies used in RELAP-5 and other advanced computer codes to predict thermohydraulic anomalies from the standpoint of analyzing effect of initial coolant boiling in the Chornobyl accident on its further progression. The authors show current unsatisfactory efficiency of state-of-the-art computer codes in definition of the initial boiling point for the coolant in water-cooled nuclear reactors. The calculation methodology for improving accuracy in the predicting of dangerous thermal anomaly in reactor channels is under consideration.


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