The Analysis of Operational Events at Ukrainian NPPs during 2015 and the First Six Months of 2016


NPP, operational events, report, investigation, statistical assessment, root causes, corrective measures

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Nedbay, S., Vorontsov, D., Horpynchenko, O., & Pecherytsia, O. (2016). The Analysis of Operational Events at Ukrainian NPPs during 2015 and the First Six Months of 2016. Nuclear and Radiation Safety, (3(71), 15-18.


The events that occurred at Ukrainian NPPs in 2015 and the first six months of 2016 have been analyzed in the areas that characterize operational safety.

The paper presents results of NPP operational events analysis carried out to identify common features and trends that indicate whether there were (or not) inconsistencies during investigation of events, and provides information on the current level of NPP safety. Negative trends have been determined for each NPP site that identify the areas to be improved and require control of the regulatory authority. Causes of negative trends are analyzed individually.

Events with common characteristics were evaluated, with the results to be used for the development and implementation of preventive measures to avoid the reoccurrence of such events. Safety-important areas have been determined for inspections and recommendations have been provided to the operator on the improvement of the operating experience feedback system and increase in the level of operational safety.


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