Increase of Manoeuvrability of Nuclear Power Units by the Production of Magnegas During the Decline of Electro-Consumption


grid, peak-loads, magnegas-technology, output-input ratio, economic effect

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Dubkosky, V. A., Korolov, A. V., & Komarova, Y. O. (2019). Increase of Manoeuvrability of Nuclear Power Units by the Production of Magnegas During the Decline of Electro-Consumption. Nuclear and Radiation Safety, (3(83), 68-74.


Nuclear power plants successfully competitive today with other types of generation of electric power yield to them on the indexes of manoeuvrability, as they were initially projected for work in the base modes. Today the grid of Ukraine sets the problem before NPP in the obligatory participating in adjusting of power.

In the article the different methods of participation of NPP are considered in adjusting of power of power system: receipt of синтез-газа with the use of warmth of HTGR, different ways of manoeuvring of power of reactors of VVER – 1000, using for the accumulation of warmth the effects of absorption and desorption of ammonia in water, - chart of WARM; charts of distant теплоснабжения from NPP are WATT (ammonia water transport of warmth).

The calculation comparing of efficiency of different charts of manoeuvring of power of power system and comparison of them is executed to магнегаз-технологией. It is shown that the use for the aims of coverage of peak-loads in modern grids with the use of options of magnegas-technology most effectively and expediently. The efficiency of such installations was 42%. The cost of producing magnegas for a gas turbine installation is 3441483 UAH, when it comes from the sale of electricity generated at a gas turbine unit due to the combustion of magnegas 498319110 UAH.


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