On Licensing the Technology of Small Modular Reactors


small modular reactors, passive systems, safety analysis, licensing

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DybachО., & Plachkov, H. (2019). On Licensing the Technology of Small Modular Reactors. Nuclear and Radiation Safety, (1(81), 3-9. https://doi.org/10.32918/nrs.2019.1(81).01


There has been a steady growth of interest in the technology of small modular reactors (SMR) in the world recently. SMRs are considered as a promising area for the further development of nuclear industry. The paper defines the term “small modular reactor”, presents the scope, potential advantages and disadvantages of SMR. A review was made and a classification of SMR projects was proposed depending on the novelty of their technical solutions. The paper presents an enlarged comparative analysis of individual SMR technical solutions (based on the example of Holtec International SMR-160) with operating Ukrainian NPPs to identify peculiarities of SMR that should be addressed in licensing. Certain specific design solutions of SMR-160 are correlated with defense-in-depth levels. The approaches and condition for licensing SMR designs in the international practice are analyzed. The paper identifies problematic aspects with regard to regulatory framework and confirmation of the efficiency of SMR design solutions, as well as formulates proposals and recommendations for the first steps to ensure the licensing process in response to the initiative of the operating organization Energoatom.


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