Regulatory Experience in Licensing of Alternative Supplier Fuel


nuclear fuel, WWER, reactor core, mixed cores

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Ovdiienko, I., Plachkov, H., Shevchenko, I., Dybach, O., Ieremenko, M., & Shepitchak, A. (2018). Regulatory Experience in Licensing of Alternative Supplier Fuel. Nuclear and Radiation Safety, (4(80), 3-8.


At present, the diversification of nuclear fuel is ongoing at Ukrainian NPPs. The Ukrainian regulatory authority and SSTC NRS, as a technical support organization, take active part in the licensing process for introduction of new fuel assembly types. In the framework of this activity, the technical review of justification material is performed in various nuclear safety issues including a wide range of verifying calculations. Neutron kinetic, thermal-hydraulic and fuel thermal-mechanical models are developed for technical review of justification material such as safety analysis of mixed cores. The features of the developed models for safety analysis of new fuel implementation and results of their application for verifying calculations are presented in this paper. The results cover such aspects as preparation of few-group cross-section libraries with features of new FA types, calculations of transitional mixed fuel loadings up to stationary ones, verifying safety assessment for some design-basis reactivity-initiated accidents, criticality of fuel management systems and thermal-mechanical fuel behavior.


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