Conceptual Approaches for Development of Informational and Analytical Expert System for Assessing the NPP impact on the Environment


nuclear power plant, comprehensive ecological monitoring, information expert system, conceptual approaches

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Popov, O., ІatsyshynA., Kovach, V., Artemchuk, V., Taraduda, D., Sobyna, V., Sokolov, D., Dement, M., & Yatsyshyn, T. (2018). Conceptual Approaches for Development of Informational and Analytical Expert System for Assessing the NPP impact on the Environment. Nuclear and Radiation Safety, (3(79), 56-65.


Analysis of informational provision level of complex environmental monitoring system in surveillance zones of Ukrainian NPPs was carried out. It was established that different subsystems are used for solution of monitoring tasks. The systems are separated, heterogeneous, hardware-software incompatible, and aimed at observation and state assessment of specific components of the environment and natural resources. Such situation is not in compliance with the up-to-date European requirements and standards for environmental monitoring information systems in areas of influence of man-made facilities. It is demonstrated that solution of this problem is possible by developing an information and analytical expert system for evaluation of NPP environmental impact on the environment (EcoIES). The main tasks that will be solved by EcoIES and its specific functions during emergencies or corresponding emergency exercises were described. The main requirements for the system are consistency, openness, standardization and adaptation. Specific requirements are the completeness and hierarchy of information, comprehensive integration and rational use, semantic unity, compatibility of system components, integrated security. Three options of conceptual approaches to creation of EcoIES have been developed, each of which is characterized by its structure, level of hardware-software provision and organization of information exchange. The option, which to major extent is in compliance with the European requirements has been substantiated, and which allows to fully solve radiation and environmental safety tasks, as well as civil protection of population, territories and the environment in the surveillance zones of Ukrainian NPPs. Therefore, this approach is recommended for further practical implementation at NPPs in Ukraine. The basic scheme of structural organization and interconnections between the EcoIES and other subjects of environmental monitoring that are part of the State environmental monitoring system has been developed.


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