Radiation Consequences of Fire in Chornobyl NPP Exclusion Zone


forest fire, Chornobyl NPP Exclusion Zone, contaminated territories, radiation impact of fire, model assessment, JRODOS and HotSpot computer systems

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Bohorad, V., Lytvynska, T., Shevchenko, I., Dybach, O., & Slepchenko, O. (2016). Radiation Consequences of Fire in Chornobyl NPP Exclusion Zone. Nuclear and Radiation Safety, (1(69), 64-68. https://doi.org/10.32918/nrs.2016.1(69).10


In April and June 2015, the population of the Kyiv region in Ukraine was alarmed by information on possible negative radiation consequences of the serious forest fires that broke out in the 30-kilometer zone of Chornobyl NPP Exclusion Zone. The paper describes analytical research related to the assessment of radiation impact of fire in contaminated territories of Chornobylska Pushcha on the public in Kyiv applying the model assessment using JRODOS and HotSpot computer systems. The paper presents direct radiation research carried out at the same time.



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