Nuclear and Radiation Safety

Current Issue

No 3(87) (2020)
Published September 29, 2020
Nuclear and Radiation Safety

Title: Scientific and Technical Journal "Nuclear and Radiation Safety"

ISSN (print) 2073-6231

Indexing: SCOPUS from Vol. 53, No 1 (2012)

Frequency: quarterly (March, June, September, December)

Languages: English, Ukrainian (mixed languages)


Yu. Balashevska, O. Zhabin, O. Pecherytsia, H. Plachkov, D. Ryzhov, I. Shevchenko
Application of SMR Regulators’ Forum Results for SMR Licensing in Ukraine
A. Chirkov, V. Kharchenko, S. Kobelsky
Assessment of WWER-1000 Core Baffle Form Alteration during Operation
D. Bugai, R. Avila
Scenarios and Pathways of Radionuclide Releases from Near-Surface Waste Disposal Facilities: A Brief Overview of Historical Evidence
T. Dudar, O. Titarenko, A. Nekos, O. Vysotska, A. Porvan
Geospatial Modeling of Radon-Prone Areas
R. Glushenkov
Research of WWER-1000 Power Change Modes for Operation in the Load-Following Mode
V. Diemienkov, O. Shugailo, M. Mustafin, M. Makarenko
Assessing Structural Integrity of NPP Equipment and Pipelines by Coupled Calculations in ANSYS and RELAP Codes
P. Lugovoi, O. Shugailo, V. Orlenko, V. Diemienkov
Oscillation of Thermal Insulation Three-Layer Cylindrical Pipes under Operating Loads
V. Bogorad, O. Slepchenko, T. Lytvynska, D. Bielykh, I. Kalyta, V. Poludnenko
Radiological Aspects of Public Protection at Early Release Stage of NPP Severe Accident
V. Kharchenko, M. Yastrebenetsky
Safety of Nuclear Power Plants and Big Safety in a Time of Covid-19
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