Nuclear and Radiation Safety

Current Issue

No 3(83) (2019)
Published September 30, 2019
Nuclear and Radiation Safety

Title: Scientific and Technical Journal "Nuclear and Radiation Safety"

ISSN (print) 2073-6231

Indexing: SCOPUS from Vol. 53, No 1 (2012)

Frequency: quarterly (March, June, September, December)

Languages: English, Ukrainian, Russian (mixed languages)


O. Kuchyn, I. Ovdiienko, V. Khalimonchuk, M. Ieremenko
Validation of Pin Power Calculations Using DYN3D on MIDICORE Benchmark
M. Kustov, E. Slepuzhnikov, V. Lipovoy, I. Khmyrov, Ilgar Firdovsi Dadashov, O. Buskin
Procedure for Implementation of the Method of Artificial Deposition of Radioactive Substances from the Atmosphere
V. Kharchenko, A. Chirkov, S. Kobelsky, V. Kravchenko
Improvement of Fracture Resistance Calculation Procedure for NPP Primary Equipment Components
Roman Serafyn, Oleksiy Ligotskyy, Svitlana Nedbay, Oleksandr Pecherytsia, Roman Khalenko, Oleksandr Kurman
Operating Experience for Valves at the Nuclear Power Plants of Ukraine and the European Union
A. Smaizys, E. Narkunas, V. Rudychev, Y. Rudychev
Analysis of Some Computer Codes Used for Evaluation of Spent Nuclear Fuel Radiation Parameters
Yu. Khomutinin, S. Levchuk, V. Protsak, V. Pavliuchenko, V. Kashparov
Prompt Mapping of Radioactively Contaminated Areas
O. Taran, O. Sandul
Issue of criminal liability for offences against critical infrastructure objects in nuclear industry
V. A. Dubkosky, A. V. Korolov, Y. O. Komarova
Increase of Manoeuvrability of Nuclear Power Units by the Production of Magnegas During the Decline of Electro-Consumption
A. Said El-Sayed Soliman, El-Aziz Othman El Saeed Abdul, Mohamed Reda Ezz-eldin, Galal A.M Taha Howayda, Abd-Elmonem El-kattan Walaa
Modification of Cable Insulation Characteristics Using Nanocomposites for the Nuclear Power Plant
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